Iziko Museums of South Africa operates 11 national museums in Cape Town. It is one of the premier cultural institutions in South Africa. The museums house natural history, social history and art collections in magnificent, historic buildings which in themselves are national treasures.

IZIKO is an isiXhosa word, meaning ‘hearth’, traditionally and symbolically the social centre of the home; a place associated with warmth, kinship and ancestral spirits. Here food is prepared and shared, stories are told and knowledge is passed from one generation to the next.

Iziko Museums seeks to emulate this by creating receptive spaces for cultural interaction and dialogue. We are proud to ignite connections between our shared history, our heritage and each other. Iziko embodies the spirit of a transformed institution and our vision of ‘African Museums of Excellence’, a place for all South Africans to gather, nourish body and soul and share stories, where knowledge is passed from one generation to the next. Iziko celebrates our heritage whilst generating new cultural legacies for a society that has moved beyond the shackles of the past.

sharing diverse perspectives

Iziko Museums are spaces for cultural interaction, sharing diverse perspectives and seeing things differently!

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