Enduring Covid-19
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Mirjam – I was an international NET Missionary sent home during Covid-19

From travelling Canada as a full-time missionary to … yeah to what?

It was a shock to go from what seemed 100% to 0. Very soon, (before the end of the first day) I realized I had nothing to do. (This is also because I wasn’t able to go back home to the Netherlands so I literally had nothing to do). I didn’t want to just live life passively, in defence, I wanted to play offence! But I struggled to find purpose in my days. It was then that someone told me that we are not made to be productive, rather we are created to be fruitful! And that was the game-changer. It’s not my simple daily activities that changed (going for walks, calling friends, doing work, reading books, learning new things, praying), but it was my perspective that showed me life in a renewed way. I started to look for the fruits that this time is bringing forth and I found there are so many!


2020 is probably the hardest year that I’ve ever been hit with- and it has nothing to do with the quarantine (but it makes a

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