Enduring Covid-19
Covid-19 Stories

Lorraine – My story as a nurse in Sydney, Australia

When Covid-19 broke out at a nursing home in Sydney, a majority of their nursing staff had to quarantine. A job advertisement for nurses to work there urgently was sent out. I thought that since I had hospital experience working with patients who had Covid-19 that I could use that experience to help the nursing home.

I asked God before every shift to show me how to love the residents at that nursing home. To teach me how to be the mediator for them and their family members who were worried for them.

It was a great blessing to be able to help in this way. To give peace to worried family members about their grandma, grandpa, mum, or dad. To pray with isolated residents who were dying. To keep residents company whilst in isolation because I was protected enough to do so. To hear the good news when they finally received their negative results. Each moment was a precious gift and I’m so grateful God opened the doors in my life to let this happen.


2020 is probably the hardest year that I’ve ever been hit with- and it has nothing to do with the quarantine (but it makes a

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