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Bernard – We launched a website during Covid-19

The idea of L’alto has been one brewing over the years through our own personal journeys in our faith. Across this time we have met a lot of individuals that helped us deepen our faith not only through the people they are but also through their creative works. So over the years, we have individually wanted to find a way to help spread their works further in hopes to inspire others who will see it too. It felt right to make the leap to start it now during this COVID period because we saw how volatile the landscape of work has been, and we wanted to help empower people who may have been affected by creating a space to showcase their works and hopefully earn some money on the side.

I personally dream for L’alto to not only be an online website but hopefully grow into a physical space. Space where Catholics can gather from all over to meet, collaborate, create, and just be in the presence of each other in a big creative space.

COVID-19 was definitely challenging for me personally, not being able to work in my normal career, as well as being somewhat of an extrovert, it was hard not being able to go out and cope with hardships the way I normally would. But I personally would not call this time a disruption, rather I feel this COVID-19 period has been a blessing in disguise. Although challenging, this time has allowed me to reconnect with myself, slow down, and reflect on things that are mean much more to me. If I’m being honest, without this time I feel L’alto would have been in the back burners as my focus would’ve been on other things.

We decided on an online marketplace because we want to connect with people not only from our country but around the world. With an online platform it gives us the biggest chance to really spread how great our vendor’s works are and bring more attention to their works, but also it gives us a bigger platform to showcase the beauty of being Catholic and especially the beauty of being a Catholic and evangelizing through the ‘ordinary things’


2020 is probably the hardest year that I’ve ever been hit with- and it has nothing to do with the quarantine (but it makes a

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